Backrest Glossary

foldable beach accessory

Beach, Sun & Cale-Dos: The glossary for seasoned beachgoers

This summer, sand, sea and relaxation await you! What better way to enjoy every moment than our essential accessory for optimal comfort? Browse through this colorful and playful glossary which highlights the different names of our famous "beach back wedge". Whatever name you prefer to give it, this solution is ideal for fully savoring your sunny days, so what are you waiting for to discover the different characteristics of each object, all brought together in our made in France product?

Collapsible beach accessory: Any item or equipment that can be folded for easy transport and storage. The foldable beach accessory encompasses a wide range of products, such as deckchairs, deckchairs and even mattresses.

Beach back support: Support for the back similar to the back rest that you will find below, offering support for the back in a lying or sitting position. Used alone or in combination with other equipment, the beach backrest is ideal for preserving your physical health.

Beach headrest: Support for the head, similar to the headrest (present a little further), providing support for the head when lying down or sitting. The beach headrest has its roots in the 1960s and 1970s, when holidays on the coast became increasingly popular and lovers of sun and relaxation sought solutions to improve their posture.

Trendy beach item: Fashionable and popular beach accessory, often characterized by bright colors, attractive patterns and innovative features. A trendy beach item is often used to express personal style and add a touch of sophistication to the shoreline experience.

Beach canvas chair: Light and foldable chair with a canvas seat, specially designed for use on the sand. The designs of the beach sling chair have evolved over time to become more ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining its practicality and casual style.

Beach sofa bed: Multifunctional object, which can be used as a chair or mattress, folds and unfolds easily for easy transport. The beach sofa bed merges both the benefits of a chair and a mattress, thanks to its ingenious folding system.

Beach Backrest: Portable and adjustable back support, allowing you to comfortably lean back near the sea. No need to create a makeshift backrest designed with a bag, towel or even a folded piece of clothing! The beach folder now gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy moments of relaxation and leisure by the sea.

Beach mattress with backrest: Soft and soft mattress, equipped with an integrated support for the back, making it easier to lie down or sit down while enjoying the sun. The beach mattress with backrest quickly replaced towels or blankets in order to combine the advantages of a deckchair and a mattress.

Folding fisherman: Foldable and portable accessory, used mainly for fishing, providing support for the back and allowing easy sitting for long periods. The origin of the fisherman's folding chair goes back several centuries: it was notably made from simple and robust materials to withstand maritime conditions and humidity.

Beach Back Rest: An item that provides support for the back, making it possible to relax and sit comfortably in the open air. Whether seated or lying down, the beach backrest is popular with lovers of the coast.

Beach headrest: Accessory providing support for the head, improving posture when lying or sitting. The beach headrest promotes ergonomic support for the head and neck, optimizing moments of relaxation.

Beach chair: Lightweight and portable chair designed specifically for use in the beach area, providing back and seat support for relaxation. The beach seat has become a must for lovers of idleness in search of relaxation and well-being.

Beach back support: General term for any accessory offering support for the back, thus improving comfort when relaxing by the sea. The beach back support thus provides optimal support in all circumstances.

Beach canvas deckchair: Canvas deckchair, foldable and light, ideal for relaxing and sunbathing on the coast. The canvas beach lounger is an iconic item for sunny vacations, inspired by both traditional deck chairs and daybeds.

Folding beach deckchair: Easily transportable deckchair, designed for use under the sun. Combining the characteristics of a cozy lounge chair with the practicality of an easy folding mechanism, the folding beach deckchair plays with its clever design to appeal to vacationers.

And There you go ! Now that you are unbeatable on the various denominations of the "beach back wedge", all you have to do is choose the ideal model for unforgettable moments of relaxation. Don't wait any longer, equip yourself and savor the happiness of absolute comfort on the warm sand. Enjoy the summer in complete serenity, with a beach accessory that is both trendy and practical.